Wrex (CCW and Private instruction)
My Girlfriend and I took the CCW course from Alan and Upper Hand Defense and where very impressed with his approach. So much so, we decided that he would be the ideal instructor to introduce our teenage girls, to firearms and safety. We had been wanting to get them proper instruction for some time, but we were hesitant of just picking some arbitrary person/company, from the internet or phone book. Our decision to choose Alan and Upper Hand Defense, was well worth the wait.

Alan has a wonderful rapport with people of all ages, especially children. His ability to connect with his students and his talent with teaching simple concepts, as well as more advanced topics, are both truly superior. He has clearly mastered how to teach to each individual’s “comfort zone” and capabilities. I was able to witness this, first hand, as each of our girl’s had a unique way of learning what he was teaching and he adapted to each, quickly and easily and without making either feel “left behind” or giving them a feeling of unease. Equally as important: he kept the training fun. They enjoyed the experience immensely and they can’t wait to continue their new interest. Exactly, what we where hoping for! I can’t imagine any better experience for them, than what Alan was able to provide.

He has excellent communication skills and is extremely organized in his instruction. A true leader and very effective instructor. I recommend Alan and Upper hand Defense to anyone, without reservation.

Chad: (CCW and Concealed Carry Tactics student)
Alan’s experience and teaching abilities make for a very informative and enjoyable class. If you want to hone your skills and build your confidence with your firearm there’s no better instructor. The shooting basics Alan taught me improved my accuracy and consistency in a matter of an hour, I was truly shocked and impressed! My wife and I took Alan’s CCW class prior and that’s what made me sign up for further training. I would recommend Upper Hand Defense to anyone looking to improve or add to their self-defense skill sets,

Doug: (Unarmed and Armed Guard Student)
Alan is an energetic, enthusiastic, and motivated instructor. You will receive a jamb packed curriculum blended with knowledge of the law, hand gun use and safety, loaded with amusing anecdotes from an easily understood, well spoken, and informative hand gun enthusiast. Alan offers a training course that combines the applications of when, how, and why to use “FORCE” that is justified in the course of duty as either and armed or unarmed security guard. Let’s face it, knowing how to use force to stop a threat is imperative, Alan makes it fun, and you will never forget it. What a great experience.

Doug: (CCW student)
KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, especially when it comes to using a hand gun. Whether this is your first time with using a hand gun, or if you are a seasoned veteran, you will not be disappointed with Alan’s high energy, informative, and rewarding instruction . In both the classroom and on the shooting range, safety is first, followed by knowledge and practical application, complete with demonstration. I thoroughly enjoyed the CCW course and highly recommend it. Put this on your bucket list for sure.

Amy (Basic Shotgun course)
I initially contacted Upper Hand Defense for shotgun training for my teenage daughter and me. With the two of us being new to firearms, Alan recommended the NRA Basic Shotgun Course. Prior to the course he worked with me on the scheduling and was willing to answer all of my questions. The course was fantastic and truly exceeded my expectations! Alan’s teaching style was superb, as he was both professional and personable. The material was presented in a manner that was easy to understand and I felt comfortable asking any questions. The course was not only very educational; it turned out to be a lot of fun as well. Alan really went above and beyond to make this a great experience. I would highly recommend Upper Hand Defense!!

Preston (Armed Guard Student)
You have a great class, thank you for your time and effort in creating the most informative security class I’ve ever been through. I wouldn’t hesitate to sign up for another one of your classes.
Thank you.

Lance (CCW Student)
Alan taught a great class on Saturday. Well planned, pertinent information, lots of scenarios to get us thinking about when to resort to deadly force, the law, and tons more. We worked on the basics as well as skill building and multiple threat (multiple target) scenarios/acquisition. Anyone looking to take a class, should give Upper Hand Defense a serious look. It was great to take my CCW class with you Alan. Thank you for the extra effort. You went above and beyond to make my trip to Phoenix completely worthwhile.

Jenna (BLS CPR Student)
I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the way in which you ran your CPR course. . . I can tell that you are very passionate about wanting to teach people the proper way to perform CPR and I really appreciate that. Overall I feel much more confident with my skills and for that I am glad I attended your class!

Nick (Private lessons and AZ CCW student)
Alan is extremely helpful and informative. My wife and I attended his CCW course and feel much more comfortable handling and firing our handgun. No matter what skill or comfort level you find yourself in, Alan will help you to feel comfortable, understood, and will give you instruction on how to get to that next level of knowledge and skill. Alan helps to illustrate situations that you may find yourself in and how to react in those high pressure situations. I highly recommend Alan’s courses and suggest that anyone interested in attending any of the several classes that he holds – do it!”

Barry Bunzell, Owner Jackalopes Archery LLC
I’ve known Alan for a number of years, and in that time, I have found him to be of the highest caliber of individuals. He is honest in his daily dealing with people, he is dependable, loyal, hard working and dedicated to provided service to his customers. I trust Alan and have no reservation in my endorsement of him or his work ethics.

Michael (Private lessons and AZ CCW Student)
Alan is a true professional when it comes to his craft. He makes learning the basics of firearms safety and control enjoyable (first time shooter). He does this in such a comfortable and knowledgeable manner that it just makes you want to learn more. I thought that I would take just one class to become familiar with guns then teach myself, but that was not the case. I have continued to work with Alan to further my skills and have recently commissioned his services to teach my wife the basics of gun control. I would recommend Alan and his company without any reservations.

Kurt (AZ CCW Student)
“I brought Alan into our home to last year to instruct our family in the “NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home” and to certify us for the “AZ DPS CCW” Permits. Alan’s knowledge of handguns and safety is top-notch. If you’re new to guns or experienced, Alan’s courses are well worth the time and money spent.”

Dave (CCW and Advanced CCW Student)
Alan lead a class in Concealed Weapons Permit and Advanced Firearms Training. I learned a lot of very important information and at the same time had a lot of fun. He was patient, knowledgeable and able to relate lots of stories and examples to each lesson he taught. I would give Alan my highest recommendation and plan to take more classes from him in the future.”

Frank (AZ CCW Student)
Alan is BY FAR the most professional, detailed and honest instructor I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. I would highly recommend Alan for any program he has to offer. I can absolutely guarantee that you will leave receiving the best education possible. If I had my choice, I would have listed every attribute! Alan is a true professional

Gary (Private lesson student)
Alan is extremely knowledgeable and is an outstanding instructor. I highly recommend him!”

Sherry (AZ CCW Student)
Great CCW class today….Made me feel more confident to use a firearm. I definitely learned a lot, had fun, and look forward to more classes in the future

Brian (AZ CCW Student)
“Just finished the CCW class. I could not have found a better instructor or group of students to take it with. Thanks to EVERYONE for a GREAT Saturday!!!! . . . I will DEFINITELY be back for more classes!!!

Jason (AZ CCW Student):
I took Alan’s CCW class July 24th and thought I’d hook everyone up with a great instructor. Alan has superior law enforcement knowledge for all those ‘what if’ scenarios. The class was relaxed yet structured as to present quality instruction. He even implemented a few ‘hooah videos’ throughout, to keep everybody’s blood pumping. . . Great leader, great class!

Darlene (Advanced CCW class student)
It was an awesome class, i loved it . . . the class really helped me feel more comfortable w carrying & using my gun.

Happy Upper Hand Defense CCW student
“Hands down a great class. Very informative. Learned a lot and also had fun doing it”

Jimmy (AZ CCW Student)
“Alan is a good dude and taught a great class…”